Environments and Lighting


This Media Lab project was created for the in store broadcast shown in the BXPX stores located on American military bases throughout the world.  The short was intended to show an obscure post-apocalyptic take on the advancing television resolution of the present day. The older style television dogs will stop at nothing to prevent the hero from bringing the world high definition!

I was responsible for the Lighting of the project as well as the modeling and texturing of the Robot Dog’s Heads / Final Red HD Robot / Majority of Debris.



These images were pulled from a short that was created as an e-card (Birthday) for HD Greetings.  These battle ready candies are preparing to take the jump as their pinata shelter is destroyed by an outside birthday kiddo. Users could upload a photograph that will then be automatically composited into the environment to integrate their image into the scene. I was responsible for the all of the modeling and texturing of the inside of the pinata fuselage.


~ by Josh Strey on May 17, 2010.